Lapa Rios

Lapa Rios Lodge on Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula protects 1,000 acres of Central America’s last remaining tropical lowland rainforest. Here, you’ll encounter iconic frogs and macaws, endangered monkeys and over 300 bird species. It’s a pristine environment where nature thrives in its rawest form.


Lapa is the tico name for the scarlet macaw, a magnificent bird you’ll likely see during your stay, and Lapa Rios has long been envisioned as a project to protect its endangered surroundings, today preserving a large area of primary and secondary rainforest as well as assisting in the development of the local community. Since its opening in 1993, Lapa Rios has won numerous awards and has been featured in the press worldwide; in 2019 Lapa Rios won the coveted Travel and Leisure’s number 1 Resort in Central America. 


In this incredible environment, guests can look forward to once-in-a-lifetime rainforest adventures, wildlife encounters and ocean activities. Lapa Rios creates an intimate and authentic experience, at once luxurious, educational and inspiring. The included interpretive hikes, bird watching walks, sustainability tours and more provide a true window to the beating heart of the wild Osa Peninsula.


17 rooms - open air with screens, dotted along a ridge - have utterly breathtaking views of the forest and the ocean beyond. Guests exploring the rainforest without a skilled guide is like walking into a library without knowing how to read. Only a trained eye can unearth the secrets and curiosities of an ecosystem so vast and enigmatic. The highly experienced Naturalist Guides shine a light on this immense ecosphere. Locals to the area, their inspiring encyclopaedic knowledge reflects a lifetime on the Osa. With them, explore a world of biodiversity and gain a far deeper understanding of our enchanting rainforests.


Meet the Guides 


In mid 2019 an exciting new chapter starts for Lapa Rios as their founders John and Karen Lewis found their perfect buyers in the Loeb and Fernandez families, founders of Pacuare Lodge. Together they complement each other - two very different and spectacular regions of Costa Rica - with strongly shared values of love of nature, conservation, high end adventure and supporting positively the local economy.


*Latest News*

NEW (August 2019): By mid-December we will open 2 new Villas with plunge pool, extensive decks, indoor and outside showers and a beautifully decorated bedroom with maximum capacity for 5. Two of the current Bungalows will also be remodelled to suites with a large bedroom, extensive decks with ocean and jungle views, beautiful interior design, indoor and outdoor showers. They are also working on the access to rooms with electric golf cars.