Tierra Patagonia

Brilliantly blended into the pristine steppe landscapes of Torres del Paine National Park, this beautiful eco hotel has won awards for its architecture. Crafted entirely from native lenga wood, with a living roof, it sits on the shores of Lake Sarmiento looking over the iconic Paine Massif; entire walls of glass bring the outside in. The 40 stylish rooms are an ode to nature, too, with cowskin rugs and bare-wood walls; enormous bathtubs are perfectly placed to gaze at the extraordinary wild surroundings as you soak. Every day, local guides lead small-group adventures through the park: hiking along the giant glaciers, kayaking across mirror-glass lagoons and biking or horse riding through pine forests, as condors soar above in the bluest of skies. Then it’s home to swim in the heated pool or bubble in the alfresco Jacuzzi, before a contemporary Patagonian dinner and some seriously good red wine.

Senderos Soul

It’s not unusual for guests to miss the entrance to Tierra Patagonia. It’s just a small red sign and a gate, the graceful and curvaceous hotel itself blends so well into the Torres landscape that you only see it once you are right up close - and what a breathtaking piece of architecture it is, both inside and out! It’s fair to say that Tierra Patagonia is a slice of indulgence at the end of the world, with mesmerising views across the lake and to the mountains from all of the rooms. I spent a good deal of my time there in a happy, trace-like state, just staring out of the windows as herds of guanco passed by, so close you felt you could reach out and ruffle their fluffy coats. The warmth, knowledge and passion of the guides left a lasting impression on me. We factored in extra time on our excursions because every single time a guide saw a piece of litter they would stop and pick it up - such is their pride in, and care for the landscape they live and work in. One asked me why I was wearing my headphones on a walk? It was a good point, it turns out I was missing an essential element of Patagonia - the sound of silence! Horse riding with local Huaso (Chilean gauchos) we passed through ancient woodland, its branches rich with huge and multicoloured lichen. They can only survive and grow in the purest of air, so I breathed in deeply, hoping some of that ‘aire puro’ would rinse a few decades of city living out of my lungs. Tierra Patagonia mirrors the landscape of Patagonia itself in a myriad of ways, my strongest impression is that it reconnected me with all my senses, touch, taste, sight, smell & hearing. Be that swinging in basket chairs, running my hands along beautifully crafted wooden surfaces, sipping fine carmenere wine or relaxing in an outdoor hot-tub with possibly the best views in the world!

Naomi, Senderos

Getting there

Tierra Patagonia sits on the shores of Lake Sarmiento within Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia, southern Chile.

by road


Self-driving possible from Punta Arenas (336km).

by boat


Cruises from Argentina will arrive at Punta Arenas pier. From here shared transfers are included in the rates (4.5-hour drive).

by air


Nearest airport: Puerto Natales (1 ½ hours by road) or Punta Arenas (4 ½ hours by road).