Why Senderos

Tour operators (UK and German-speaking countries)

Senderos works proactively in the following markets:- the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. For tour operators in those countries, Senderos:

  • Provides regular industry updates through newsletters and friendly, fast, efficient and knowledgeable responses to enquiries / questions
  • Gives personalised presentations / training to tour operators equipping them with the knowledge and confidence to sell our partners’ products effectively to their clients
  • Organises and leads familiarisation trips for operators
  • Stores and sends out brochures and high resolution images

"We find the insights and support from Senderos tremendously helpful. Gareth and Simon really understand the properties and the way that we work as a tour operator. So they really give us the tools we need to help sell their portfolio (as well as being great guys!) " Alex Malcolm, MD Jacada Travel


Please contact us for ideas, the latest stories and news, as well as for factual information, high resolution images and press trips.

"Senderos are brilliant at interpreting media needs - a trip to Ecuador & Peru arranged by Simon exceeded my expectations, throwing up a wealth of material. It has already led to two major articles in Wanderlust magazine, and a host of extra digital content too." Lyn Hughes, Founder and Editor in Chief, Wanderlust Magazine

"I was very impressed by the care and enthusiasm displayed by Senderos in organising the recent press trip I took, and by their genuine knowledge of South America." Hugh Thomson, Author and Journalist

Latin American DMC’s and Regional Tourist Boards

Senderos only works formally with ‘products’ (hotels, lodges and ships) keeping the field clear of any conflicts of interest. However we are in touch with many regional DMC's and Tourist Boards, working together to promote the region. We welcome your contact and there are many informal but still effective ways we can work together.