Cristalino Lodge

Cristalino Lodge is uniquely located in the far south of the Brazilian Amazon, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in this very special, off the beaten track ecosystem. The luxury Ecolodge is situated beside the clean, calm waters of the Cristalino River, and the unusual variations in altitude - up to 450 metres asl - contributes to the extreme biodervisty and enables year round use of trails.

This region is recognised as an important area of the Amazon in terms of biodiversity. The exceptional number of species, even by Amazon standards, makes this one of the region's richest places for observing birds, mammals, butterflies and orchids in a Primary Forest environment. Cristalino Lodge is set within a huge Private National Heritage Reserve of primary forests. The lodge’s forest reserve is located just beyond the borders of the Cristalino State Park, an extremely important conservation area of nearly half a million acres. The park is connected to other protected areas forming a huge conservation corridor in the Southern Amazon. Almost 600 species of birds have been catalogued in Cristalino Reserve, half of the total species in the Amazon.

The ecolodge's stunning architecture was carefully designed to integrate harmoniously with the surrounding jungle, and includes 18 beautiful rooms and suites in 5 categories, now with electricity around the clock. The bar, with its firepit in the middle of an open deck, is perfect for viewing the star-filled night sky, while the restaurant serves delicious candlelit dinners.

Cristalino Lodge is seriously committed to the environment, with various responsible tourism initiatives. In addition, the hotel supports the Cristalino Foundation, an organization that is devoted to environmental education, human development and research in the region. Everything at Cristalino is geared towards sustainability, helping guests to integrate with nature. Examples include bath water heated by solar panels and an air circulation system that cools rooms removing the need for air conditioning.

A wide range of outdoor activities is included. The half-day tours take place each morning and afternoon, such as canoeing, hiking in the forest along 30kms (18.6-mile) of  trails, climbing the 50-metre observation towers, boat trips and fauna & flora observation. Our guides are all nature lovers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and respect for the Amazon.



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