Upper Sacred Valley and Lares Adventure to Machu Picchu

Experience an authentic slice of Peruvian life - cultural immersion - with a 7-night adventure tour by Mountain Lodges Peru (MLP). Guests can choose daily activities as they wind through the Upper Sacred Valley of the Incas and the lesser-known Lares Valley, along remote highland trails with breathtaking views. Snowy peaks, turquoise glacial lakes, the occasional condor soaring on the thermals. Unlike the traditional Inca Trail, the route passes through seldom-visited Inca archaeological sites, and tiny Andean communities known for their colourful traditional dress, weaving communities, and roving herds of alpacas and llamas. Brilliant local guides will introduce you to their culture, daily life and traditions; a rare insight into communities largely untouched by the modern world. And at the end of each day deluxe mountain lodges are comfortable bases, with hot showers and great food - no roughing it here!

Mountain Lodges of Peru’s strong sustainability ethic includes their own Yanapana NGO, which focuses on empowering and supporting women in local communities.

MLP operates several other cultural and trekking programmes in the Cusco region with a duration of 5 to 10 days; Salkantay Lodge to Lodge Trek, Black Diamond Trek and the Grand Andean Adventure all include a visit to Machu Picchu.

In Cusco MLP operate two small hotels, XO Art House and Andenes.

Senderos Soul

Ayni = Reciprocity. Joint ventures with local communities are famously complex and energy consuming, which is why they are so rare. In Huacahuasi MLP and the local community achieved an equitable and award winning partnership …training, fair salaries, with a share of profits for the community who still ‘own’ the land (which they know was never theirs to sell in the first place). Mountain Lodges of Peru guide guests to the hidden cultural and archaeological gems of this fascinating region. This is flexible lodge-based multi activity, cultural immersion, and carefully curated adventure all wrapped into one!

- Simon, Senderos

Getting there

The trek begins and ends in Cusco. MLP recommends hotels in Cusco.

by air


Nearest airport: Cusco.