Estancia Huechahue

Cattle ranch Estancia Huechahue (pronounced "way-cha-way") nestles amongst the foothills of the Andes, east of San Martín. With just 10 rooms enjoy the best of Argentine hospitality and experience life on a real working farm in Northern Patagonia; superb horse riding and fishing and opportunities for rafting, bird watching and exploring the history of the Mapuche Indians. Ride out daily from the Estancia, galloping across water meadows and rocky rolling hills to indian burial caves and up to eagle and condor lookouts or try Cross the Andes and Estancia to Estancia trips.

4 generations of the Wood family have worked on the 15,000 acres of Patagonian Steppe to produce a self-sufficient oasis and thriving cattle operation. Today Jane Wood Williams runs the estancia and has been welcoming guests since 1990.

Life at Huechahue is always an adventure. Patagonia is unfeasibly beautiful, rugged and wild. Huechahue maintains traditional values and customs whilst welcoming visitors into a unique world where horses and cattle still roam free and food is home grown.


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